A writer takes desperate measures to keep her muse happy—with horrific results.   Can a young blogger learn from her mistakes?


 An intangible spirit, the muse is supposed to feed the artist with inspiration, but Morphorlis demands to be fed in return. Kill your babies, he tells his author, and the more she gives, the more he wants. It’s the perfect symbiosis: need unending, on both sides. There’s only one small problem. A well-fed spirit tends to take form—and killing your babies becomes an entirely different thing.


Slurp! examines how the world can be stacked against creative people.  There are pressures to continue to produce material and an inherent lack of appreciation in society for the hard work that goes in to works of art, literary and otherwise.

Creative types are often exploited by those who seek to benefit financially from their work.  The pressure has caused our writer to give into the muse that feeds on her fears.  In the end, the greatest story she could tell may kill her.